Building Rapport in the Workplace

Being able to build a strong and broad network of relationships has been proven to lead to a happier and healthier life. It is also an essential component of a happy and healthy work environment. Whether in your business or personal life, effective relationships provide meaning, support, validation and a sense of belonging.

Our relationships with other business owners can lead to new opportunities, partnerships and recommendations. Our relationships with customers can drive growth and build the reputation of our brand. Within the workplace, effective relationships can enable everyone to realise their potential and gel as a productive team.

As humans, we have an in-built need to connect with others. Whilst technology has made it simpler for us to keep in touch, it has also made it too easy to hide behind technology and avoid connecting face to face. As a result, our communication and relationship building skills are being lost.

The fact is that there are always going to be people that we have a natural affinity with. It is simple to build rapport with those people. There will also be people that we have to live, work or socialise with that present more of a challenge. We can all benefit from learning how best to build relationships with a full range of personalities.

Teamwork and Leadership

When we are working as part of a team, taking on a coaching or mentoring role or even leading a team, having some training in how to build good relationships with others can make all the difference to what we can achieve. When we understand how to say things in different ways in order to influence a more positive response, we can start to build mutually respectful relationships that encourage everyone to perform at their best.

Relationship building is far more than words. By gaining an understanding of all the factors that combine to form relationships and how different personalities like to be engaged, you can start tailoring your communications in ways which get results.

NLP Courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a technique that helps us to make sense of the complexities of forming meaningful connections with people. It explores the way we think and the language we use as part of relationship building. It also illustrates how subtle changes to how we think, act, respond and speak with others can change the response we receive.

NLP has been widely used in family and couples counselling. It can help break the cycle of destructive conversations that may be at the heart of problems between parents and children, siblings or spouses and help to get relationships back on track.

NLP has also been a valuable tool for teachers, sports coaches and business mentors, who are supporting others to achieve their goals. These professionals often need to give advice that challenges an existing way of working, but an NLP course can show them how presenting feedback in a certain way can help to reduce the chances of a defensive and resistant response.

NLP courses can also provide a learning opportunity for leaders and managers who are responsible for other employees. It can be an effective tool for bringing out the best in people and leading to a healthy happy work environment. If you would like to find out more about NLP Courses, Amersham based Cognisant Training has a range of options to help you gain a general understanding of NLP, through to Master Practitioner level.