NLP and Negotiation

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a training method that helps you to understand how your brain works and how you communicate. It can be used to improve your interpersonal skills, so you are better prepared to tackle challenges, deal with life situations, build rapport, motivate others and negotiate.

Let’s Take a Look at Negotiation.

Whether we realise it or not we all negotiate. It might be with our children ‘tidy your room and then you can invite your friend for a sleepover’, with your boss ‘if I come in early tomorrow, could I take a longer lunch break?’ or with a friend ‘help me sort this out so I can come to the party with you’.

Some people perceive negotiation as one person’s power to convince you to do something you don’t want to. From this perspective it might be seen as sly or manipulative. In reality, good negotiation skills are part of effective communication. They should lead to favourable outcomes for all involved.

Benefits of Negotiation

Negotiation skills can help us to avoid arguments, diffuse anger and get results. Whether we want to get a more harmonious home life, build a strong working team, deal with customer enquiries and complaints or plan a social event, being able to negotiate is beneficial.

Negotiation isn’t about persuading people to do what you want. It involves listening and understanding the motivations, needs and desires of others, as well as challenges or barriers they may face. It combines these with an acknowledgment of your own needs and then works to find a creative solution that everyone is in agreement with.

Negotiation skills can help you to spot opportunities where a different approach might lead to a more favourable outcome. It can certainly help you to understand how you approach certain situations. From this point you can explore ways in which your attitude and communication methods could be altered to encourage a calm resolution.

The Negotiation Process

The process involves discussion, clarifying individual goals, suggestions, agreement and implementation. With the right attitude and good interpersonal skills it can be an empowering process that leads to everyone feeling that they are leaving the encounter on a positive note.

Once you have learnt effective negotiation skills you can experiment with putting them into practice. You will find that they enable you can to build rapport with others, to make yourself more approachable, to prevent negative situations from escalating and to grow in confidence.

NLP Training

For managers, coaches, teachers and mentors, NLP courses can help you get the most out of the people you work with. It will show you ways to use language to motivate and empower, to overcome resistance and to discover and use everyone’s skills effectively. It can build your confidence as a leader, so you can build the confidence of others.

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