How to Secure Your Route to Success

At school we are pushed to achieve academic success. We are told that working hard and doing well in our exams is what’s needed in order to get a good job, be well paid and live the life we want to lead. We are told that going to university and gaining higher level qualifications will be rewarded out in the workplace. So how come we all know of successful individuals who struggled through school and left with little to show for their school years?

The reality is that a higher level of education can open more doors for you. It can give you the opportunity to apply for a certain calibre of employment. It can help make things easier to understand when you first start work. However, when you are out in the real world it is clear that your attitude and approach play a huge role in your personal success. With the right attitude and approach anyone can work their way up.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills aren’t taught as part of the curriculum, but we do learn them in school and other group environments. They are all about how we conduct ourselves and engage with other people. It relates to how we think and communicate in social interactions. Being able to work well in a team and communicate effectively with colleagues, customers, friends and strangers is the route to positive and rewarding life.

There are many examples of multi-millionaires who left school without qualifications, but what they did have was the right attitude. They had drive and a determination to achieve. They were able to approach things in creative and innovative ways so that their exam results weren’t a barrier to taking the next step. Whilst being completely self-motivated, they also had the interpersonal skills to win people over. They could negotiate, be assertive, listen, clarify, empathise and use the right language to engage and encourage the support of others.

People with strong interpersonal skills come across as positive, charismatic and confident. They are natural leaders because they have a natural appeal; people are drawn to them and respond well to them. People respect them and want to do well for them.

If you would like to find ways to inspire your team, to encourage everyone to give things their all or even to attract a potential partner, it’s time to unlock your interpersonal skills.


Neuro Linguistic Programming is a route to gaining a clear understanding of how we perceive things, our thought process and our communication. With greater understanding, we can learn how to programme our minds in new ways in order to achieve more positive outcomes. We can learn how to get a message across in a different ways to encourage favourable responses. NLP can help us to develop our interpersonal skills, so we can live more fulfilling lives and encourage success in others.

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