Start to Combat Your Fear

Comunication Skills Training Amersham, Bucks

Comunication Skills Training Amersham, Bucks

We live in a world where media headlines seem to be designed to pray on our insecurities and escalate our fears. In our own lives, we are often fearful of not living up to the unachievable expectations that modern society places on us. In addition we have innate fears that remain from our ancestral past, but still affect our thinking.

A degree of fear is necessary and even good for us. We need to be fearful of danger in order to protect ourselves and those we care for. We need fear to fire up our ‘fight or flight’ responses in threatening situations and fear can also help us to live a less risky existence. The trouble is that too much fear can inhibit us and prevent us from living to our full potential.

Fear is quite a dramatic word, so it is often replaced by other descriptions including worry, anxiety, apprehension, concern, tension or stress. Any of these can lead to us avoiding situations or opportunities that could enhance our lives. They can prevent us from taking action, leave us feeling exhausted and impact on our physical and mental health.

Coaching and Mentoring

An important role for any coach or mentor is to help the person or people they work with to recognise their fears, understand the cause and then take action to overcome the areas which are having a negative impact. What is it that is holding them back?

Some of the causes are a fear of overriding responsibility for others, a feeling that actions could result in a lack of control, a resistance to change, previous bad experiences or an overly cautious upbringing. By asking the right questions to initiate a response, listening to the responses and allowing the person to guide the conversation, a mentor or coach can help an individual to come to terms with their fears, decide what action they want to take and support them in doing so.

Coaching or mentoring won’t miraculously dispel the fear, but it can help someone to manage their feelings sufficiently, so that they can fulfil an ambition, take a brave step or simply live a less stressful life.

NLP Courses

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a technique that is designed to help people understand how they think, what they say and the impact of this. NLP has proven an effective tool in helping people to understand where their fear stems from and how to tackle irrational fears.

If you are working in the role of a mentor or coach, teacher, parent or adviser then an awareness of NLP could be valuable when helping others. Introductory NLP courses only require a four day commitment, yet they could provide an invaluable insight that supports your work. There is then the option to progress to higher level NLP courses to further enhance knowledge and develop skills.

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