NLP Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner

Cognisant provide the opportunity to gain a INLPTA certified qualification in NLP:

We run open courses in Beaconsfield Buckinghamshire.

Are you ready to take your interpersonal skills to a new level, unlock your full creativity and gain more satisfaction from your life?



No entry qualification requirement 4 day (2 x Weekends) to fit with busy lifestyles.

Our INLPTA Certificated Diploma lasts 4 days and covers the basics of NLP. It is also the first 4 days of the Practitioner programme, so you can take it to the next level and carry on to the full Practitioner.


INLPTA NLP Practitioner

No entry qualification requirement
With no prior learning: 16 days arranged in 8 x 2 day weekends each arranged 1 month apart to fit with busy lifestyles

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Costs: includes, refreshments, course manual and certification through INLPTA., just bring a notepad and pen and an open mind!
Course Information: Our Accredited Diploma & Practitioner courses in NLP are run in Beaconsfield in the Chilterns.
Parking: There is free parking at the venue.
Lunch and breaks: refreshments are provided. Please bring your own lunch.


INLPTA NLP Master Practitioner

Entry qualification: INLPTA NLP Practitioner
(or equivalent) 18 days arranged in 3 x 6 day blocks

Class sizes will be a maximum of 12 people in order to enable dynamic learning


Neuro-Linguistic-Programming – ‘the art and science of personal excellence’.
So what does it mean?

  • Neuro refers to our thinking, or perception – We take in information in via our five senses, visual (seeing), auditory (hearing), kinaesthetic (feeling) olfactory (smell) and gustatory (taste).By increasing our awareness we learn how these thought patterns influence the results we are getting in work and in life. With this awareness it enables us to tap into our inner resources and achieve excellent results.
  • Linguistic refers to how we communicate with ourselves and others and the results it achieves. Mastering the structure of language empowers us to communicate more effectively, essential for successful personal and business relationships.
  • Programming refers to the unconscious programs we run in every day life similar to how a computer works, we can organise and program our thoughts, including feelings and beliefs, to bring about desired changes in behaviour and outcome.

Ian Thomas is accredited by INLPTA, (the International NLP Trainers Association to deliver training in NLP).
INLPTA was founded over 20 years ago by Wyatt Woodsmall with whom I trained personally. Wyatt has been involved with NLP since its early development and has trained NLP in over 25 countries on 5 continents. His experience includes conducting over thirty 20 day NLP Trainer Trainings all around the world and he co-trained with Richard Bandler on the first ever NLP Trainer Trainings. The INLPTA syllabus is considered to be the minimum required for reaching the standard of Practitioner and has now been adopted as the UK standard by the ANLP.
As mentioned earlier, there are shorter practitioner training courses that cover less material and provide less practice time.

To support the practitioner qualification route, INLPTA have set standards for an accredited 4 day diploma to give a structured introduction to the subject. The 4 days form part of the 16 day practitioner training and are taken from the practitioner syllabus.