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The difference that makes the difference in business.

Neuro Linguistic Programming has fast become the ‘communication skill of excellence’ for businesses worldwide.

NLP is the art and science of human excellence in the key areas of communicating – how we influence others, set goals and manage change.

Why should business be interested in NLP?

The distinctive features of NLP make it a powerful tool for communicating, managing change and for improving performance.

  • Businesses today want their people to able to communicate better with other team members and most importantly, with external and internal customers.
  • NLP supports performance improvement because it is based on studies of the most effective performers in many fields.
  • Improving communication skills increases our chances of selling more (not only product, but ideas) solving problems quickly and effectively and our ability to influence and motivate others in a positive way.

New for 2018 – 1 day Introduction to NLP Beaconsfield and Amersham – Insights for Business

Introducing NLP – the ‘must-have’ communication skill set

This one-day introduction to NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) offers an ideal opportunity to experience and find out about NLP and how it relates to you and how this can help you in business. During the day you will learn some great techniques and useful tips to take away with you. You’ll discover why NLP is becoming the ‘must-have’ skill set for professionals across many kinds of organisations and businesses.

What will this NLP course cover?

  • Master some of the most effective communication skills available
  • The art of non-verbal communication
  • Develop deep rapport with others
  • How to read people more accurately
  • How to access resourceful states anywhere, any time
  • How to create compelling and motivating goals
  • Become better equipped to handle change – particularly career transitions and change.
  • Discover how to start modelling excellence in all fields of your life.

Use the skills for: sales, negotiation, teaching, coaching, managing people, career progression.

Please register you interest via our contact page and we will e-mail you details of the next available dates.

We also deliver accredited courses at Diploma, Practitioner and Master level. If you would like to discuss this further, please call or see our pages on the subject.

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