Testimonial 10

I found the course to be much better than I was expecting. I have attended a number of ‘soft skills’ course, and I have left them without feeling I’d learnt anything. After leaving this course, I felt more empowered and prepared to manage my team, and have found myself working with a more positive bent.

One of the most important discoveries for me was that everyone else had similar concerns to me, and that put mine into perspective. Whereas I’d previously thought I was floundering, it appeared that I was merely going through the same processes that most new managers go through. That has helped me relax into my position a little more, and I have felt my confidence grow since then.

Ian is an excellent trainer, with an interesting and inclusive presentation technique. He managed to keep the entire audience engaged, and it is because of his skill that I took away as much as I did. Thank you very much for an excellent course.

Michael, First Data Ltd