Management Training

Comunication Skills Training Amersham, Bucks

Management Training Amersham, Bucks

Management Training Amersham

We have a range of training and coaching programmes which can be adapted to suit different levels of experience. We call it management training but is for anyone who is involved in the following:

  • for people who manage a team of people
  • for people who manage client relationships
  • for people who are part of a team
  • for people who deal with internal or external customers

Many other training company programmes have very set outcomes, however we do not offer ‘ready made’ solutions as we believe that every company’s needs are individual and, therefore, we offer tailored solutions to help you succeed most fully in your business.

We work with a number of talented experienced trainers to deliver successful programmes, ranging from one day workshops to six day management training; ensuring delegates learn innovative new ways to increase productivity and success with clients though courses such as interpersonal skills, management and leadership training, and communications skills training in Amersham, Beaconsfield and surrounding areas.

Just some ideas of courses:

Presentation Skills

  • Advanced Presentation skills – mastering personal style for max effect
  • Presenting Confidently – getting over nerves and delivering confidently

Interpersonal Business Skills

  • Handling conflict and managing stress in the workplace
  • Developing your personal impact – projecting your image
  • Assertiveness & Confidence Building
  • Personal effectiveness and dealing with people problems
  • Effective Communication skills

Management Training and Leadership Training in Amersham

  • The Managers Development Programme – Modular programme containing core management skills
  • Essential skills for Team Leaders – People Management skills for new team leaders/managers
  • Managing and Leading successful teams – team development/motivation
  • Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming – NLP, learn the skills of ‘human excellence’
  • Business Fundamentals – thinking strategically and working on process improvements
  • Solving People problems – effective techniques to handle difficult situations
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making – finding the right solutions

Communicating Effectively – Communication Skills Training Amersham

  • Communication skills development – Non verbal & verbal behaviour for team leaders/managers
  • Telephone skills – sales techniques and for anyone who has frequent contact with clients
  • Psychology of Handling Customers – telephone and face to face skills

Negotiation skills

  • Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating skills – introductory level
  • Negotiating & Influencing skills for Managers

Coaching Skills

  • Coaching Skills for Managers and Team Leaders
  • Coaching for Results – designing coaching/training programmes that work
  • Individual Coaching Programmes – delivered on a one-to-one basis


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