The Power of Human Endurance

The Power of Human Endurance

Last summer, twelve 70 foot yachts left London on the Clipper Around The World Yacht Race. What makes this circumnavigation of the globe unique is that it is open to anyone who wants to take on the challenge. The crew on all other major yachting challenges are experienced sailors, Olympic athletes and others that have been working towards such an opportunity since they were young.

The Clipper Yacht Race crews are made up of people of all ages, professions and expertise. Many of them have never been out on the water from more than a recreational boat trip before they sign up. Yet, this is the longest boat race, with around 40,000 nautical miles being covered in a journey that takes the best part of a year.

On route, the crew face extreme conditions, live in close proximity to one another and face challenges that they will have no prior knowledge of. They will have to draw on huge reserves of mental and physical strength, keep going when they are exhausted and fully test their powers of endurance.

One of this year’s competitors, Simon Parker opted to step off the yacht for Leg 7 of the race. Whilst he gained freedom from the close confines of the yacht, Simon didn’t rest. Instead he decided to cycle across America to see whether he could beat the boats using pedal power. Following a 42 day cycle ride of 3,750 miles, he arrived a day before his team reached port.

Super Human Feats

The fact that a relative novice can push themselves to the limit and find something deep within that forces them to survive offers an indication of the power of human endurance. With the right support, encouragement and opportunities, we all have the capacity to undertake things that we never thought possible. We all have the potential to achieve super human feats.

We don’t need to sign up for such gruelling challenges to experience our capacity to carry on against the odds.  Every new parent experiences levels of sleep deprivation that could constitute torture, yet in most cases manage to plough on. Many people diagnosed with life changing health conditions adapt their mind and body in order to go from strength to strength. People facing the daily challenge of making financial ends meet remain driven to get through another day with food on the table.

In addition to taking on personal challenges, we can also play a vital role in empowering others to make steps towards their potential. We can be the positive influence that helps them to gain confidence, cast aside the doubters and embark on a voyage of discovery. NLP courses have enabled many people to use the right language, timely encouragement and a fresh perspective to actively support the people they work with, their children and others in their lives.

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